Three Reasons an App Can’t Replace Your Personal Trainer

Much is being discussed about the impact of the coronavirus on life as we know it. From working remotely to online school to fitness at home, it’s true that things have shifted. But despite articles positing whether gyms are obsolete, the truth is that a personal trainer offers advantages that hand-held technology does not. Here are three reasons an app can’t replace your personal trainer.

Missing the Human Connection

Even the smartest artificial intelligence is just that. Smart technology may be able to optimize and learn from your feedback, but you’re still missing the human connection. The dynamic with your personal trainer means accountability – you want to show up, you want to work hard, maybe you want to impress your trainer with your progress. Canned encouragement from an app doesn’t have the same effect.

Hands-On Training

And then there’s the issue of technique and form. One of the biggest benefits of a personal trainer is that you personally benefit from your trainer’s expertise. In addition to creating a workout program customized to your ability and experience, they show you proper technique. They can correct your form with hands-on intervention so you understand the movement and avoid injury. And no matter how advanced the app, it will never be able to spot you!

Real-Time Communication

Feeling a little under the weather, or waking up with a sore back can mean modifications to your workouts. That’s no problem for a personal trainer, but it’s not something you can explain to an app.

The Takeaway

A great fitness app has its benefits. But an experienced, certified personal trainer offers advantages that just can’t be replaced. That’s particularly true for seniors. In Reno, the professionals here at Framework Personal Training offer experienced personal training services and specialize in fitness over forty. Contact us now to learn more.

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