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Four Signs a Personal Trainer Can Really Help You

Fitness is a journey, it’s said. And it’s true. There is no final destination, but there should be signs along the way that speak to the progress you’re making. But how do you know if you’d benefit from the guidance of an expert? Simple. Here are four signs a personal trainer, like the professionals at Framework Personal Training in Reno, can really help you.

You Don’t Really Know What You’re Doing

If you aren’t sure whether you’re using weight machines, free weights, or those intimidating cables properly, a trainer will quickly show you the ropes. You’ll learn how to use everything properly, and your trainer will also ensure you’re practicing proper technique, which reduces the risk of injury. What’s more, a trainer will create a personalized program just for you – no more wasting time on equipment or movements that aren’t really doing anything.

You Aren’t Seeing any Progress

If you’ve been training consistently and properly for at least the past few months, you should be noticing some kind of result – feeling better, more endurance, more strength. If you aren’t seeing any changes, a trainer can make adjustments so you do. He or she will talk to you about your current program and make tweaks or major overhauls to help you fine-tune your goals. Plus, there’s the whole accountability and motivation thing.

You Don’t Push Yourself

Challenging your limits and working hard is important for creating change, and that can be really tough to do on your own. A trainer will push you enough to be challenging, so you can move past plateaus and build strength and endurance (and likely surprise yourself along the way!).

You Want to Be Able to Exercise On Your Own

Being comfortable and knowledgeable enough to exercise on your own is a great goal. And working with a certified trainer for a limited amount of time is a smart way to make it happen. You’ll learn about your muscle groups and how to target them effectively, all about proper technique and form, how to build in recovery days, and the best combination of resistance and cardio for your goals. And, if you have questions down the road, you’ll have a built-in resource.

Taking control of your physical health through purposeful exercise is important for us all. If you aren’t sure how to make that happen, the right personal trainer will help. In Reno, contact the certified professionals at Framework Personal Training today, and let’s get started.

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