The Benefit of Indoor Fitness Over Outdoor Exercise

Wildfires have been raging in California this summer, and the smoke from those fires has choked northern Nevada for weeks on end. It highlights a benefit of indoor fitness over outdoor exercise that’s often low on the list—filtered air and temperature regulation. Here’s why that makes a difference.

A Regulated Indoor Environment

We’re written before about the benefits of outdoor exercise, especially for seniors who enjoy walking every day. Chief among those benefits is the fresh air, something that we haven’t experienced here in northern Nevada for weeks. For people used to exercising outdoors, that presents a challenge.

However, there can be advantages to working out in an indoor facility, like the private studio here at Framework Personal Training in Reno:

  • Consistency. When you’re at the mercy of bad weather or a hazardous AQI, workouts tend to suffer. If you do push yourself to train, you’re far more likely to cut it short. But in an indoor setting, you have the benefit of the same temperature and filtered air, so you can focus entirely on your workout.
  • Variety. Our bodies benefit from the challenging of change, whether that’s different exercises or increased weight. If your workout involves a few laps around the pond—and it’s been that way for a while—you might be surprised how effective it can be to do something different.
  • Accountability. Unless you have a walking buddy, your outdoor workouts may be entirely self-motivated. That works for some people, but others benefit from the accountability of someone like a personal trainer. From expecting you to show up to safely challenging you in new and interesting ways, a good personal trainer has a number of benefits.

This very active fire season is a difficult time for many of us. But if you find it’s affecting your ability to get exercise, consider it an opportunity to learn more about how personal training at Framework in Reno might benefit you. Contact us today to learn more.

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