Why Exercise is the Real Secret to Staying Young

The real secret to staying young and healthy? Exercise! A 2018 study in the UK compared a group of older adults who had spent the majority of their lives staying active to a second group who didn’t exercise regularly, with impressive findings.

From the Study

The study was a health assessment of older adults to determine whether activity affected how they aged. Participants included 125 men and women who could cycle a specific distance in a certain timeframe and excluded smokers, heavy drinkers, and those with health conditions. This group participated in a series of laboratory tests, with results compared to a second group of adults who did not exercise with any regularity. The second group was made up of 75 healthy seniors ages 57 to 80 and 55 healthy adults ages 20 to 36.

Those who exercised regularly didn’t experience loss of muscle mass and strength, nor did they increase their body fat or cholesterol levels as they aged. Men also retained high testosterone levels. The benefits of exercise also impacted the immune systems of those in the active group. The thymus, an organ that makes immune cells, remained robust and as efficient in the active group participants as it is in a young person. Typically, the thymus begins shrinking from the age of 20 and makes fewer immune cells.

The Takeaway

Forget the idea that frailty is an inevitable part of growing older. On the contrary, the evidence suggests that committing to regular exercise during our lifetime can keep us strong and healthy well into our senior years. So many of health issues stem from inactivity, and you’ll be amazed what a little consistent movement can do. Even if you haven’t been working out for the last thirty years, it’s never too late to start. Finding an experienced and certified personal trainer, like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, is a great first step. Contact us today.

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