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Morgan’s Top Tips for Improving Your Health and Fitness

The newest personal trainer at Framework Personal Training in Reno, Morgan Vitti, is currently accepting clients. Learn more about the benefits of a personal trainer, and read on for Morgan’s top tips for improving your health and fitness.

“Improving your health and fitness can be daunting,” says Morgan, “but it’s not impossible.” She’s right. Here’s how to boost your chances of success.

Write it Out

Morgan’s first tip is to write out your goals. Know exactly what you’re hoping to get out of this journey. “I personally like to write out my goals in the notes page on my phone,” shares Morgan, “because it’s easy to pull up the notes page and remind myself of my goals.”

Be specific about your goals. When it’s something vague, like “I want to lose weight,” how will you know when you’ve reached it? “I want to lose ten pounds” is a goal that’s specific and measurable, so make a point of rephrasing non-specific goals into specifics.

Make a Schedule

Morgan’s second tip relates to your workouts. She recommends dedicating specific times and days for your workouts, and encourages you to stick to them. This is a good way to turn workouts into habits, which is necessary to stick it out when motivation wanes (and it will!).

“Working out is always harder in the beginning,” says Morgan, “but staying dedicated and hitting those workouts even if you aren’t feeling motivated that day is what is going to make you successful at your goals.”

Ask for Help

Tip number three is a good one. Morgan encourages you to ask for help when you need it. “There are so many fitness and health resources in today’s world that there is no need to go on this journey alone,” she says.

These are simple tips, but they can have a big impact. If you’re ready to improve your health and fitness, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s finding a personal trainer or talking nutrition, the experts at Framework Personal Training are here to help. Consultations are free, and you’ll find yourself in a much better place with a bit of information.

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