Here’s Why Senior Citizens Benefit from Personal Training

Senior citizens seeking personal trainers is a growing trend across the country and right here in Reno, Nevada. And it’s a great idea! As we age, we decline physically. That loss of balance, strength, endurance, and coordination increases the risk of injury and leads to lowered levels of independence and quality of life. The antidote? Exercise! Here’s what to know about the senior segment of the fitness industry, and why all senior citizens benefit from personal training.

Realistic Goals & Tangible Results

Any exercise is better than no exercise, and senior citizens can commit to exercise in the form of daily walks. But the benefits of resistance training particularly for adults over 50 have been shown again and again. Joining a gym is a good first step, but working with a personal trainer means that you’ll set realistic goals and feel tangible results. Your trainer will monitor your progress, and ensure that you’re exercising safely and using equipment properly.

There’s No Substitute for Motivation

Motivation may be one of the most important elements of personal training for seniors. That’s especially true for those getting into exercise for the first time. The reality of declining abilities as we age can be discouraging, and it’s easy to decide you’re simply “too old” for fitness. A personal trainer who specializes in senior fitness – like the certified trainers here at Framework Personal Training – can be the encouraging voice you need. Discovering that you can complete these exercises means not only benefiting from fitness, but building confidence in your own abilities.

It’s Never Too Late to Start

Enjoying the benefits of consistent exercise doesn’t have a timeline. Start training, and you’ll start enjoying the benefits. There are a lot of them – increased serotonin (the “feel good” hormone), reduced low back pain, reduced symptoms of certain chronic diseases, reduced resting blood pressure, increased bone density and bone mass, improved functional strength, balance, and flexibility – the list goes on and on! If you’re ready to make a positive change for your heath, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Get started today – contact Framework Personal Training in Reno now.

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