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Three Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer in Reno – or Anywhere

Almost 70% of Americans will begin some sort of fitness program. And in less than three months, 80% of them will have already quit. The same percentage of Americans have gym memberships that they don’t use. But 85% of all people who have a personal trainer maintain their fitness routine. Interesting, no? Here are three reasons a personal trainer can pay off for you in 2017 (or anytime).

  • A personal trainer will keep you safe.

With certifications and hours upon hours of training to earn their title, personal trainers can help you navigate the gym. From poor technique to inappropriate machine use or even the wrong workout for your ability level, there are countless ways to injury yourself. A qualified personal trainer will begin with the right assessments and build a fitness plan that will challenge you without unnecessary risk. A few questions when you’re shopping for a trainer:

– Are you CPR certified?
– Do you work with physicians?
– Where and when did you get your personal trainer’s certificate?
– Do you specialize in a certain demographic?

  • A personal trainer will keep you motivated.

Motivation is a funny thing. It’s why so many of us make resolutions come January 1, and it’s also why those resolutions have already gone unfulfilled before the end of the same month. Motivation is an emotion, and it’s very difficult to sustain. But a personal trainer can keep you motivated through accountability. When you turn your workouts into a priority, an appointment noted on your calendar, motivation breeds healthy habits. For many people, an external factor – the personal trainer – is exactly what’s needed to ensure you’ll stick to your long-term goals, even when faced with the short-term gratification of skipping the day’s workout.

  • A personal trainer will keep you organized.

It may seem like an odd selling point, but it’s a big benefit. The best personal trainers keep things running smoothly at the gym (no promises on the rest of your life, though). A trainer will look at you and your goals and then develop a plan to get you where you want to go in the most effective way possible. Good trainers are punctual and efficient. They have a plan for your workout today, tomorrow and next week. They understand that your time is precious, and they aren’t going to waste it with ineffective, pointless exercises. The success of any given group of athletes – and this is true at all levels – is directly proportional to the organization of their programs.

If you’re looking for a change in 2017, a personal trainer can make a world of difference. Framework Personal Training in Reno has a long track record of success with people of all ages, abilities and goals. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you make a change that will stick.

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