The Real Secret to Anti-Aging

In non-coronavirus news, a study published in Neurology this week shared the real secret to anti-aging efforts – aerobic exercise. The best part? Even established couch potatoes can enjoy the brain benefits of cardiovascular workouts, which improves the thinking and memory abilities of older adults.

The Benefit of Getting Your Blood Pumping

Aerobic exercise improves circulation in the body. According to the study, that circulation boost means more blood moves to the brain, and particularly to the areas responsible for cognitive function and verbal fluency. It’s a significant finding for adults at risk of Alzheimer’s and brain disease.

The six-month study included 206 adults with an average age of 66. Participants had no history of heart or memory problems. They worked out in supervised exercise programs three times per week, with sessions that progressed from 20 minutes to at least 40 minutes in duration over the course of the study. They also worked out once per week on their owns.

The result of all that exercise? In a word – impressive! Blood flow to the brain increased an average of 2.8%. Participants showed a 5.7% improvement on cognitive function tests, which measured abilities to focus, plan, recall instructions and multi task. Verbal fluency, or how quickly someone can retrieve information, was up 2.4%. That’s a number associated with people a good five years younger.

As we age, we tend to expect a decrease in cognitive abilities. But this study supports the idea that it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep your body and brain strong and functioning with regular exercise. Here at Framework Personal Training, we can help. The gym remains temporarily closed,  but we’re making plans to safely reopen again very soon. Contact us today, and let’s make plans together.

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