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Don’t Exercise? You’re Twice as Likely to Experience Depression

A new study has drawn a direct link between low fitness and the likelihood of experiencing depression and anxiety. Researchers at University College London painted a clearer picture of the relationship between physical and mental health with the study, which had over 152,000 participants ages 40 to 69 and took seven years. The big takeaway? Exercise isn’t just about physical health.

From the Study

Researchers used a stationary bike to determine the starting point of aerobic fitness for study participants. They also used a grip strength test to measure muscular fitness. Participants completed a questionnaire to measure their symptoms of depression and anxiety. Seven years later, participants were tested again. Those who had high aerobic and muscular fitness at the beginning of the study had notably better mental health seven years later. Participants with poor fitness had 98% greater odds of depression, 60% greater odds of anxiety, and 81% greater chances of either mental health disorder. According to the study’s researchers, factors including diet, socioeconomic status, mental illness, and chronic illness were accounted for to eliminate potential confounding factors.

This is a significant study, because previous studies were based on self-reported activity levels instead of the objective physical fitness measures used in the UK study.

Even just a few weeks of regular exercise can yield big improvements to both aerobic and muscular fitness, and it’s never too late to begin. For many, the idea of exercising in a gym setting is intimidating – where do they begin? How do they use the equipment? What if they get hurt? That’s why partnering with a certified personal trainer can be a smart first step. In Reno, Framework Personal Training is a private, by-appointment gym setting with one-on-one training. We specialize in fitness over forty, and we can work with you to create a safe, effective, personalized fitness plan so you can reap the mental and physical benefits of consistent exercise.

Don’t wait to get started. Contact Framework Personal Training in Reno today, and let’s make a plan for your health and well-being.

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