Prioritizing Fitness During the Pandemic

The pandemic continues to drag on, with the country taking steps forward and back as we adjust to the new normal. It’s a tempting time to slack on fitness, but that’s a mistake. And we aren’t just saying that! The physical and mental benefits that come with regular exercise have never been more important than during this stressful experience. Here’s why you should be prioritizing fitness during the pandemic.

How the Pandemic Impacts our Mental and Physical Health

While gyms have re-opened here in northern Nevada, and we’re seeing our clients here at Framework Personal Training once again, the closures we experienced were an obvious deterrent to fitness for many. But even as things have re-opened, we’re still dealing with rising infection rates. That may mean you’re making fewer trips to the grocery store and opting instead to stock up on supplies that will last. Many people are forgoing perishables for calorie-dense, shelf-stable items that are inexpensive and low in nutrition. Add to that the fact that more time spent at home can mean more mindless snacking and less mindful movement, and you have a recipe for weight gain.

Stress, fear, anxiety, financial worries and isolation can all weigh heavily on people emotionally, but there can be physical symptoms, too. Posture problems from working remotely can lead to nagging pain in the hips, back and neck, making the idea of fitness even less appealing.

But it’s for all of these reasons – and more – that regular exercise is so important right now.

The Benefits of Exercise

We’ve written about the many benefits of exercise before, but they’re particularly beneficial during the pandemic:

  • Boosts the immune system: Regular, moderate-intensity exercises have been shown to boost the immune system so that your body is better positioned to fight off infection.
  • Regulates body weight: Regular exercise can help you better manage your weight through dietary changes and working remotely.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Regular exercise releases the feel-good hormone, improving your mood.
  • Improves sleep quality: Regular exercise can help you fall asleep quicker and enjoy more restful sleep for a stronger, healthier immune system.

The key to long-term benefits of fitness is consistency. And that’s particularly difficult during a pandemic. But there are a number of ways to be active every day, and you can meet the recommended hours per week of exercise by being creative. If you need help getting started, or you’re interested in establishing a schedule training regimen with expert guidance, a personal trainer is a great choice. Contact the certified professionals at Framework Personal Training in Reno today, and learn more about what makes a private gym setting so appealing.

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