How Long Does it Really Take to Lose Weight?

It’s officially May, so brace yourself – all those “get fit for summer!” ads and promotions are about to hit with a vengeance. Whether it’s informercials for popular – and pricey – pieces of exercise equipment or magazine ads for a supplement that promises to help you burn fat without getting off the couch, the message is always the same. The idea is that with little effort and just a few weeks, you can make huge changes to your body. But how long does it really take to lose weight?

The Reality of Losing Weight

When people talk about losing weight, they’re usually referring to dropping body fat. And the reality is that making a significant change to your body fat percentage doesn’t happen overnight, or over a month. With regular strength training workouts that are appropriate to your goals, it can take between six months to a year to make a dramatic change to your physique, especially if you aren’t paying much attention to nutrition.

Genetics play a big role in how some people respond to exercise, which is why some people can shed weight and put on muscle so much faster than others.

What About Shortcuts?

The ads say so – twenty-minute workouts three times a week, or drinking this shake all day long, is all it takes! Right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. And while the basic prescription for losing body fat and improving your health and fitness is the same – consistent strength training and cardio, plus a nutritious diet – there are a lot of ways to customize that approach.

While there is no real shortcut, there is a way to improve efficiency as you work to reach your personal fitness goals. The right personal trainer will listen carefully to your expectations and create a personalized fitness plan that will help you reach your goals as quickly and as safely as possible. And while you may not see dramatic change over the first few weeks or even months, you’ll certainly feel a difference.

That’s because consistent exercise and better nutrition have so many benefits that aren’t purely aesthetic. From increased energy to more restful sleep, improved immunity to a reduction in back pain, chronic pain, blood pressure, exercise brings us so much more than a trimmer shape.

Where to Begin

If you aren’t falling for the get-fit-quick schemes, but you’re serious about making changes to your physique and health, learn more about what a certified personal trainer can do for you. The pros at Framework Personal Training here in Reno are happy to answer your questions, show your our private, by-appointment studio on Lakeside Drive, and explain how long it will really take for you to see the kind of changes you’re envisioning. Contact us today.

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