Three Reasons Personal Training in a Private Studio is Best

Deciding to join a gym can be a smart decision, particularly if you’re planning on working with a personal trainer. But before you join the nearest gym, remember that you have options. If personal training is the plan, you might be better served in a smaller setting. Here are three reasons personal trining in a private studio is best.

The Right Environment

It’s not uncommon for people who are new to the gym to feel uncomfortable or even intimidated, especially in a crowded setting with clanging weights and loud music and conversations. An environment designed to facilitate one-on-one time with your trainer has a number of advantages. There are fewer distractions, more privacy, and it’s much easier to focus. Even if your training session overlaps with another trainer and client, at least you know you’re sharing space with someone who has a similar commitment.

If working out is less of a social event and more of an opportunity to pursue your personal health and fitness goals, working with a personal trainer in a private studio aligns nicely.

Greater Efficiency

Forget sharing equipment and trying to stay warm between exercises in your circuit. When you’re training in a private setting, it’s easy for your trainer to move you efficiently through your workout, with no risk of your weights or machine being taken. It’s not always easy to carve out time for workouts in our busy schedule, and knowing that you’ll be in and out within a specific window can make it easier to prioritize this time.

Far Greater Accountability

With far few distractions, you’re in a position to quickly and easily build a great rapport with your trainer. That’s the kind of thing that creates accountability. You’re far more likely to show up and work hard if you know your trainer is waiting on you and expecting you to do your best.

The Framework Personal Training Difference

As one of the longest-running private, by-appointment studios in Reno, Framework Personal Training is proud to offer our clients a cozy environment that promotes hard work and results. Our small team of experienced and highly qualified trainers can help you commit to fitness, even if you’re dealing with physical limitations or old injuries. Contact us today to learn more about our trainers, our private space, and our approach to personal training.

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