What’s More Effective – Standing or Floor Abdominal Work?

A strong core is important, no matter your age, but chances are good you do most of your ab work on the floor. For most people, some variation of crunches and planks are the standard ab exercises. When you do them properly, you’ll absolutely engage your abdominal muscles to build a strong core. But a little […]


Three Reasons a Strong Core Matters

Having a strong core is a goal to a lot of people, but often the appeal is pure aesthetics. That’s fine, but there are so many benefits to a strong core that go well beyond how it looks. It’s not just about six-pack abs – the core includes muscles in the pelvis, low back and hips, too. […]


Core Conditioning Exercises for Lumbar Disc Health

Dr. Lynelle McSweeney is a holistic chiropractor here in Reno, and we’ve recommended her to a few of our clients. We’ve featured some of her content here on the Framework blog, and we’ve been lucky to do the same. In 2017, we wrote a post about core conditioning for lumbar disc health that was featured […]