Planning Your Nutrition? Start Here.

This post is part of our nutrition series. Read the first installment, How Important is Nutrition to Exercise and Your Health, now.

When you are in the midst of creating a fitter and healthier you, planning your nutrition is a must. If you follow the fitness trends when it comes to nutrition, you are aware of the ever-changing plans available. The trick becomes finding one that works for you. But no matter which nutrition guidelines you find most effective, Sunday is usually a great day to plan for your week.

Macronutrients are the large components that make up the total of your daily, weekly, and monthly food intake, and they break down into proteins, carbohydrates and fats. How much does one person need of each? There are multiple avenues that can help you figure this out. Many people are having great success with the apps My Fitness Pal, Live Strong and IIFYM. If you’d like some assistance, we’re happy to help.

Sunday is a great day to prepare some of your protein staples – things such lean ground turkey or beef. Carbohydrate sources may include brown rice, yams and sweet potatoes. Prepping these on Sunday makes it easy to incorporate them into your nutrition choices during the week. Vegetables are a carbohydrate that you will want to prepare daily. These items will help us put our daily meal plans together. Having a plan makes it easier to stick to our eating goals.

It’s important to calculate your daily calories and make adjustments from there. This will depend on whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight. There are local business experts that can help us with meal preparation, but understanding your target macros is an important first step.

Stay tuned for next weeks post’s post, which will include calculations to assist with macronutrients and tips on determining your daily grams of each of these based on daily and weekly caloric intake.

If you have immediate questions or you’d like to learn more about a customized nutrition and fitness program, schedule a consultation now.

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