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How Long Does it Really Take to See Results in the Gym?

From our internet connection to our emails and text messages, we live in a society that expects immediate results. That’s why get-fit-quick pills and shakes are a billion-dollar industry. The trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno know that there is no quick fix when it comes to improving your health and fitness. But how long does it really take to see results in the gym? And how quickly can it happen without sacrificing health and safety?

Different Benefits Happen at Different Times

We asked trainer Andrew Mlakar how long it really takes to see results in the gym, and he made some good points.

“Results should hit right away,” Andrew explains, “though what happens initially may not be losing 20 pounds or five inches in the waist. In the beginning, you’ll probably notice that your energy levels spike, and so do your spirit and confidence. The more consistently and effectively a person trains at the gym, while also following a healthy daily diet, the faster results will happen.”

Our bodies are designed to respond to changes in our diet and exercise habits, but not instantly. Dramatic changes, like creating 1,000-calorie deficits or spending three hours in the gym on your first day, do more harm than good. Why? From a nutrition standpoint, you can fool your body into starvation mode, where it will start burning protein for energy. And hitting the gym too hard can be counterproductive. Keep in mind that you don’t make your muscles stronger or faster in the gym – you do it between workouts as your muscles repair and adapt. Recovery time is an important part of any effective fitness program.

A Realistic Timeframe

The rule of thumb is no more than a loss of two pounds per week to maintain lean muscle, but even that number will vary from one person to the next. The further you are from your ideal weight, the faster you’ll see progress. That’s because you’ll be able to challenge your fitness levels more in the beginning.

Changes to your nutrition can also have noticeable effects right out of the gate. Reducing your intake of processed foods, refined carbohydrates and excess sodium will reduce bloating, which can give you extra incentive to really commit to your nutrition goals.

All in all, it takes about eight weeks to see statistically significant weight loss and fitness changes. Try these five tips for the fastest, safest and most effective way to see results in the gym:

  • Up your workout intensity
  • Eat for fuel, opting for whole, minimally processed foods
  • Prioritize strength training over steady-state cardio
  • Give your body time to recover – at least one full rest day per week
  • Vary your workouts to avoid plateaus, and make big changes every six to twelve weeks

A personal trainer can help you implement these five tips, so contact us now to set up a free consultation with one of our certified personal trainers.

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