4 Tips for Enjoying Sensible Holiday Eating

Staying motivated is one thing, but it’s all those treats and rich meals that can really impact our fitness over the holiday season. So how can you avoid over-indulging (and regretting it later)? Try these four tips for enjoying sensible holiday eating.

Be Active in the Kitchen

By preparing a dish that meets your nutritional requirements, you’ll avoid the problem of having nothing healthy to eat. Bring your own dish to the table, and then limit yourself to modest helpings of the other foods on offer. There are lots of great recipes online that bring a healthy twist to holiday classics, so be proactive and plan (and cook) accordingly.

Be Clear on Portion Sizing

You don’t have to whip out your food scale to portion appropriately. Just remember these basic rules of thumb:

  • Meat – a serving about the palm of your hand is around 3-4 ounces
  • Sauces, dressings, dips – a portion equal to both of your thumbs is about 1-2 tablespoons
  • Salads and veggies – a serving that would fit into your cupped hands is about 1 cup
  • Sides – a serving that would fit into one cupped hand

Mind the Booze

We tend to forget how much sugar is in that glass of wine or cocktail. Instead of knocking them back, treat yourself to a single alcoholic beverage, and be sure to drink plenty of water too.


Remember that this is a celebration that comes just once a year. Enjoy your meal! Savor each bite and don’t rush through your food. Before going back for seconds, give your body time to digest. It can take a good 20 minutes before your stomach signals your brain that it’s no longer hungry. Spare yourself the bellyache and regret down the line by giving your body time to decide how it’s feeling.

And if you do end up overeating, start anew the next day. Decline the leftovers, and get back on track with healthy eating and conscious movement. For help moving safely and efficiently toward your fitness goals, contact Framework Personal Training in Reno today.

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