Trouble Sleeping? Try Strength Training

Among the many benefits of strength training is its effect on sleep. While there are studies that link better sleep to aerobic exercise like jogging, and walking, researchers in Australia recently looked at the connection between strength training and sleep. What they found confirmed what plenty of anecdotal evidence already tells us. If you have trouble sleeping, it’s time to try strength training. 

From the Study

Exercise and sleep have a bidirectonal relationship, which means one can improve or reduce the quality of the other. Sleep well, and you’ll exercise well. Exercise well, and you’ll sleep well too. But if you aren’t exercising, the quality of your sleep decreases. And if you aren’t sleeping well, the quality of your workouts will likewise decrease.

In this study, researchers used data from the 2014 German Health Update Survey. More than 23,000 people answered questions about sleep quality and strength training in the survey. The takeaways were clear – those who self-reported fewer negative sleep ratings were the same group who engaged in regular strength training. It was evidence enough for the study authors to recommend that health behavior modification strategies to improve sleep quality should include strength training exercises.

Getting Started

Most people are clear on the benefits of exercise not just for sleep, but for overall health and wellness. And this time of year, plenty of people are committing to fitness. The challenge comes in setting personal goals, understanding how best to achieve those goals, prioritizing workouts, eating well, and staying the course. It can be intimidating if you’re not sure what you’re doing. And that’s where a certified personal trainer like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno can make all the difference. From accountability to expertise, an experienced and professional trainer can help you in ways a virtual trainer or app simply can’t match. Learn more about what you can expect when you partner with a Framework trainer – contact our team today.

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