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Three Benefits of the Private Personal Training Studio

Making the decision to commit to regular workouts is an important step, but what next? Are you joining a gym? Signing up for group fitness classes? Here in Reno, Nevada, there are virtually endless fitness options. But one may serve you more than the rest. Framework Personal Training is a private personal training studio on Lakeside Drive. Unlike many of the other gyms and boutique fitness spots in town, it’s not open to general membership, but rather designed for clients to train with our certified personal trainers. Here are three benefits of the private personal training studio.

The Focus is On You

That might sound intimidating, but the best personal trainers are entirely tuned in to their clients during a session. From watching their technique to gauging their intensity level to monitoring their progress and making any adjustments as needed on the fly to keep their clients moving safely and steadily toward their goals, a trainer has one focus during a session – you. Instead of a crowded gym setting or a group class, clients at Framework enjoy a private setting that’s entirely conducive to focusing on fitness. If your session does happen to overlap with another trainer and client, it can be helpful and motivating to know you’re sharing the space with someone who is just as committed and focused as you. Deciding to partner with a trainer suggests that someone is serious about their workouts and doesn’t consider exercise to be a social event.

Greater Efficiency

Working out with a trainer in a private gym setting is doubly beneficial. In addition to benefiting from a customized fitness plan that’s been designed to accommodate your current abilities while moving you ever closer to your fitness goals, the private setting means no waiting around for equipment. Your trainer can move you efficiently from exercise to exercise, keeping you warm and your heart rate properly elevated. Plus, there are no distractions from other members grunting, banging weights, and taking selfies in the corner.

Improved Accountability 

The smaller, more intimate setting of a private gym naturally facilitates accountability, and it makes it easy to build camaraderie with your trainer. Because there are few to no distractions, you’re free to work hard, pay close attention to your trainer’s direction, and truly get your money’s worth.

While we understand that you have lots of options for fitness, there are undeniable advantages to choosing to train in a private, by-appointment gym like Framework Personal Training in Reno. From the cozy social environment to the focus on hard work and real results, there are lot of reasons to consider this approach to fitness. Contact us today to schedule a tour and a private consultation.

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