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The Real Impact of Bad Exercise Technique

It’s easy enough to rationalize the importance of correct form when you’re pushing or pulling heavy weights in the gym. Obviously, you don’t want to hurt yourself. But you may be surprised to learn the real impact of bad exercise technique, which isn’t just a greater risk of injury.

Understanding the Mechanics

A body is in a neutral position when it’s properly aligned from ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle (viewed from the side). The farther a body moves from this position, the greater the wear and tear on the body.

Consider your posture. When your head is coming forward, your shoulders will accommodate by rounding, a position that promotes a steeper lumbar spine extension. That’s a problem by itself, but it gets worse. Sitting or standing in this posture establishes poor motor programming, which means you’re actually training your body to adopt this stance. And that’s the beginning of a chronic issue.

The Real Impact of Bad Form in the Gym

Every day, our bodies work against gravity and degeneration. Poor exercise technique only makes this struggle harder. And while you may not feel it today or next week, you can be sure it’s coming. In fact, unless it’s the result of an injury, it’s unusual to even feel pain in the body as the result of an immediate movement. Pain from poor exercise technique generally shows up years later, and it can be tricky to properly trace. So avoid this issue entirely by practicing correct technique now. This is especially important with high-intensity workouts that are all the rage these days. Relying on momentum when you’re moving heavy weights around can be a recipe for big problems.

Movement for the body is both healthy and important, as long as you’re doing it correctly. That’s how you’ll keep minimize the risk of injuries today while preserving proper body function in years to come. If you’re unsure whether you’re practicing proper technique, ask someone who can help. The certified personal trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno can assess your technique and make recommendations – contact us today.

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