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5 Benefits of Core Training for Seniors

Core strength is about so much more than a good-looking midsection. From reducing risk of injury to protecting internal organs to better posture, a strong core brings many benefits, and that doesn’t change as we age. Here are the top five benefits of core training for seniors.

What is Core Training?

The core is a term we use to describe the abdominal muscles, the erector spinae, or the muscles in the back and glutes, even the pelvic floor muscles. When we perform exercises to strengthen our core, we’re doing them to create a strong midsection that’s used in countless activities every day. Think about it – we bend down to tie our shoes or pick something up from the ground, we twist to look behind us, we lower ourselves to sit down at the table or in the car, even just the act of standing upright – all of these things require adequate core strength. It’s the body’s stabilizer. And without it, these daily tasks can become far more challenging than they should.

As we age, core strength is often among the first to weaken. But core training alone – any exercises that isolate the core muscles – actually isn’t as effective as strength training movements that focus on the body as a whole. It’s that whole idea of functional training – working muscles in concert creates a stronger, more stable core. And that’s what we want.

Benefits of Core Strength for Seniors

Staying mobile and functional are important benefits of a strong core for seniors, but there are more. Building and maintaining a strong core helps keep our bodies balanced and stable, while also reducing the chances of injury. Other benefits?

  1. A strong core helps prevent back pain.
  2. Core strength can help improves breathing.
  3. Core strength improves posture.
  4. A strong core can help improves digestion.
  5. A strong core helps maintains coordination.

Where to Begin

It’s not too late to start building core strength. If you want to enjoy the benefits of core training and functional training as a whole, a certified personal trainer – like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno – are a good place to begin. Contact us today and let’s schedule your free consultation.

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