If You’re Looking for a Personal Trainer in Reno, Start Here

Making the decision to hire a personal trainer is a big step. But it’s surprisingly tricky to get from point A (deciding you want a trainer) to point B (finding the right trainer for you). Finding someone with the right training philosophy who can move you safely toward your fitness goals without breaking your budget is key. And just because someone has a personal training certification doesn’t make them qualified for the job. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Reno, start here.

Reno Personal Trainers

The northern Nevada region is home to many, many gyms and fitness centers and boutique training studios. Framework Personal Training is one of them, but that’s where the similarities end. For more than twenty years, as fitness trends come and go, Paul Fisher has been offering the same even-keeled, effective approach to fitness here at Framework, a private, by-appointment fitness studio.

Paul opened Framework in 1998 because he wanted the freedom to train his clients without the limitations of a corporate setting. Today, Paul’s gym is home to a small group of highly qualified certified personal trainers, all of whom work directly with their clients in the most competent and effective way possible. Many of these clients are active seniors looking to benefit from resistance training, people who realize that fitness after forty is a little different than it was in their twenties, or those managing orthopedic issues but determined to stay active and fit.


While there are countless personal trainers in Reno and Sparks, it’s important to understand that they’re not all equal. Experience, philosophy and credentials are important, so don’t take the process of choosing a personal trainer lightly. Finding the right trainer becomes even more important if you have physical limitations, old injuries or specific goals.

At Framework, our new client consultations are complimentary. These meetings are an opportunity for client and trainer to meet, ask questions, and share information. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Reno, we invite you to learn more about what makes the team at Framework Personal Training different. Contact us today.

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