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Is a Private Gym a Good Option for You?

Many gyms are private. You get access when you buy a membership, which means you’re free to work out during business hours. Framework Personal Training on Lakeside Drive in Reno is a private gym, but it’s different than many in town. It’s not open to general membership. Instead, it’s a by-appointment studio open to people receiving training with our certified personal trainers. And there are a lot of benefits to that kind of arrangement. Here’s why a private gym might be a good option for you.

Better Workouts

A gym can be a distracting place, with people chatting, noisy fitness classes, and crowded equipment. It’s not always easy to stay focused and on task, especially if you’re not sure about what you’re doing. A personal trainer may be able to keep you moving through your workout, but you still have to share equipment. And that means you may not get the workout your trainer had in mind.

One of the benefits of a private, by-appointment gym like Framework is that it’s staged for success. It’s just you and your trainer, and possibly another trainer with his or her client. The focus is on completing your workout efficiently and effectively, without distractions. 

A Different Dynamic

Training in a private setting breeds familiarity. It’s easier to develop camaraderie with both your trainer and any other client who may train around the same time as you. These are the kinds of supportive bonds that build accountability. Another bonus? The smaller setting means more focused workouts, because you aren’t distracted by strangers banging weights or grunting!

One of the advantages of working with a personal trainer is the customized fitness plan. And yes, you can get that in a private gym, but the dynamic in a by-appointment studio is different. In addition to learning proper technique, you’ll benefit from the more intimate setting.

A Shared Commitment

People paying for a personal trainer are often focused on getting their money’s worth. They’re at the gym to do their workout, not to socialize. That contributes to a different dynamic too.

Most people join a gym and get the up-sell for a personal trainer. Deciding to work with a trainer at Framework Personal Training in Reno means you connect with the right trainer first, and enjoy the many advantages of our private, by-appointment gym second. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today for a tour and a private consultation.

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