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Your First Personal Training Session: What to Expect

Different personal trainers approach the first session with a client in different ways. And that’s exactly the way it should be, because every client has a very unique set of circumstances. In general, your first meeting with a personal trainer shouldn’t necessarily be to break a sweat. Instead, it should be a form of question and answer, during which your health history is reviewed, your goals are shared, and your questions are answered. Here’s what you can expect at your first personal training session, particularly when you’ve chosen Framework Personal Training.

First Things First

Once you’ve decided that a personal trainer is the best way to roll accountability and measurable results into a convenient system for your health and wellness success, your first face-to-face meeting will likely involve some paperwork. At Framework, we use a health history form to get a thorough understanding of your health background. This is also a time for you to ask questions of your own. It’s always prudent to learn the following about a potential personal trainer:

• Where and when did you get certified? And what attracted you to the industry?
• What’s your fitness philosophy?
• Are your clients generally long-term or short-term?
• Can you share references?

Questions directly related to your personal health or old injuries are also important. Ask how a trainer would work around your reconstructed knee, for example, or a bad back. This Q&A session is a time for you to discuss past injuries, surgeries and any history of pain.

At Framework, this is also when we discuss session pricing and frequency. If everything checks out for you and your trainer, you’ll move on to scheduling your first workout session.

Your First Personal Training Session

The first training session at Framework includes basic movement patterns that pertain to your goals. These movements will be based on orthopedic areas of concern, and modifications will be offered if you need them. Our goal is information, and we gather this information by using some form of a three-tiered movement pattern – squat, lunge and push/pull. These are movement patterns necessary just for day-to-day lifting. We also track all areas of flexibility and record muscular asymmetries within these patterns to determine which short, tight muscles will need stretching, and which long, weak muscles will need strengthening. We will work on additional exercises that relate to your personal goals, and then we’ll review our training plan for moving forward.

Personal training sessions at Framework combine flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and muscular endurance into each workout. Homework stretching, mobilization, and exercises are put together as we decide together what is manageable. And, all programming adjusts as needed as we move forward with your health and fitness goals.

While every trainer is different, our approach is thorough, thoughtful, and designed to personalize a workout program specific to your unique needs and goals. We do this at your very first personal training session, and we continue to refine and adjust as your body and goals continue to develop and change.

If you’re ready to schedule your first personal training session, contact us today and let’s set up a meeting.

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