COVID-19 Stir-Crazy Home Workout Routine

During this COVID-19 pandemic, gyms may be closed – but that doesn’t mean workouts should be put off. To help you stay active and keep you from going stir-crazy as we all practice social distancing, Paul is sharing a functional workout you can do right at home. This program will cover the essential movements for an effective stay-at-home workout. And while it’s far from perfect, let’s make the most of our current situation. The program can be accomplished without any equipment – all we need is effort!

The Workout

  1. Split squat – 15 reps per leg
  2. Squat 20 – reps
  3. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift – 10 reps per leg
  4. Close grip push up – 15 reps
  5. Plank from elbows – 60 seconds
  6. Prone Cobra (toes on ground) –  90 seconds

Go immediately outside and sprint, jog, or walk 50 feet in a hill repeat fashion. Meaning sprint or jog 50 feet, walk back, immediately start again. Do this five times.

Up or Drop the Intensity

To make this routine more difficult, slow the tempo on exercises where possible, on the squat, push up, or split squat. Count three down, pause two count at bottom, and three count up. To descend the program, just cut reps in half, and do one or two sprints, jogs, or walks.

Complete each exercise without break, or rest as minimal as possible. Complete for a total of three rounds, three times a week. And hang in there!

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