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Here's the Big Benefit of Hiring a Personal Trainer

From instant motivation to reducing your risk of injury, there are lots of valid reasons to hire a personal trainer. One of the most common selling posts for working with a trainer is the accountability factor. But you can find accountability…
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Six Things Messing with Your Metabolism

When people talk about losing weight and getting fit, they're usually referring to losing body fat. A key factor in burning fat is a robust metabolism, which is what turns calories into energy in our bodies. Our metabolisms are unique, affected…
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Seniors Need Strong Cores Too - Here's Why

Fitness changes as we age, and that could be why some people are surprised when they learn how important it is for seniors to have strong cores. But once you understand what exactly we mean by a strong core - and it's not six-pack abdominals…
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The Buff Bride - A Framework Personal Training Review

We've written before about the Framework Personal Training difference, but it's always nice getting another perspective. One of the best ways to find a good personal trainer, after all, is with information from some of the folks they train.…
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Three Signs You're Ready for a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers used to be a celebrity thing, but those days are long over. Sure, celebrities still have personal trainers, but so do your neighbor, your nephew, and even your mom. So what do they all know that you don't? Here are three signs…
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Here's What Happens at Your First Personal Training Session

If you've signed up with a personal trainer, good for you! Now, you may be wondering what to expect at your first personal training session. While it will vary, depending on the trainer and the circumstances, it's likely that your first meeting…
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3 Hallmarks of a Great Personal Trainer

Between the big franchises and all of the specialty studios, Reno has a lot of places for fitness. But if you've bounced around from one kind of workout to the next, and you've never really seen the results you're hoping for, hiring a personal…
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Here's How to Stick to Your Workout Routine this Summer

Between meals with friends, vacations, and pool days, we tend to relax more during the summer months. That's not a bad thing, but it can trickle into your workout habits. If you're noticing that your fitness routine is being negatively impacted,…
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6 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer this Summer

If you're serious about making changes to your health this summer, hiring a personal trainer is the fastest and safest way to make it happen. Here are six benefits of hiring a personal trainer this summer. You’ll Make Better Goals Losing…
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Summer Fitness Tips

Here in northern Nevada, we usually enjoy four seasons, even if they're not especially distinct. When it comes to summer fitness, are there any best practices? Actually, yes. Here are three summer fitness tips for those hot June, July and August…